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Search your email inbox for your welcome letter. This contains your username and password.
You may reset your password at the log in screen. CLICK HERE FOR THE LOG IN SCREEN.
If you do not know your username and cannot find your welcome email, contact us at [email protected].
If you submit less than 10 links per month, you can email them to us at [email protected]. We accept text links only. We do not accept images or screenshots of link URLs. If you plan to report more than 10 links per month, ask us to enable the “Submit Links” menu option in your DMCA Pro Client Dashboard.

Links that we will NOT accept…

  • Search Results Pages – Example: Whether its a local site search or a major search engine, we will not pursue these. But pages returned from links like this can be submitted because they contain your content.
  • Fake pages – This is a page that appears to have your product but actually does not. Fake pages do not show any images or text relating to a specific product. Fake pages typically contain the search term in the page’s URL web address. You can test a fake page by manipulating this text in the URL. If the page title changes corresponding to the edits made to the URL, then the page is fake and should be ignored. These pages will appear to have any/all product.
  • Requests for File – If someone on a forum asks for other readers to crack a product, and there is no leading or hosting link, then we will not pursue.
  • Fair-Use Pages – under the copyright law, using small portions of content for reasons of satire or review is allowed. Even if a negative review is left somewhere by a competitor, we won’t go after it under the DMCA. (There are other legal remedies for this situation.)

Links that are OK to submit…

  • Pages that describe your product and contain links to download your content (whether for free or to purchase).
  • Unauthorized links to copies of images that you own
  • Pages that lead to hosted piracy but do not host the piracy on their domain.
  • Pages that claim to have your product but actually download malware. These types of pages are competing for your customers and can trick them into believing they are buying from you, the authorized owner.
  • Pages that attempt to look like your affiliate but are actually selling another product.

If you have questions about any other scenario not mentioned above, email us at [email protected].

Most sites comply within 3-5 days after receiving our take down notice, sometimes even immediately. Others will comply within 2-3 weeks after multiple notices and escalations have occurred. Sites that refuse to comply after 5 weeks are sent to Index Removal, which means a request form is filled out for Google to remove the URL(s) from their search index. This will, in most cases, dramatically reduce traffic to the infringing page(s).
New accounts – Take down notices will begin generating within 72 hours after account creation (when you receive your login).
To check status of links, CLICK HERE to login to your client dashboard.
To learn how to navigate your client dashboard, CLICK HERE to watch a brief tutorial.
A take down cycle may take as long as 5 weeks. Most sites comply within 3-5 days after receiving a DMCA notice, sometimes even immediately. Others may comply within 2-3 weeks after multiple notices and escalations have occurred.
Sites that do not comply are sent to Index Removal after 5 weeks. This means a request form is filled out for Google to remove the URL(s) from their search index. This will, in most cases, dramatically reduce traffic to the infringing page(s).
Please note that Google will only remove links from their search results that are still active. If the links are down, they will automatically fall off the search index pages as their bots crawl those sites over a few weeks time.
Although we apply pressure to compel site owners to remove your pirated content, we do not directly control these sites. (Nor do any other take down services, despite what they may claim.)
If you want to pursue further legal action against a non-compliant site, we have some trusted attorneys that we can recommend. DMCA Pro does not receive any compensation for attorneys that we recommend.
Piracy links you see may have already been collected and are in-process. A take down cycle can take as much as 5 weeks. Please search for any links that you are concerned about in your client dashboard.
Fighting piracy is like removing weeds from a garden. If weeds are dense, you need to be more aggressive to clean it up and keep up with growth. The amount you invest in a DMCA Pro service plan will dictate the number of links we collect and get down each month. You may need a more aggressive service plan and should consider upgrading.
One way to determine how much you should invest is to consider how many sales per month of your product would you expect to save by fighting piracy.
Impersonating social media accounts will very often re-use or “hot link” images directly from your legitimate social media profiles. Having you submit infringing social media pages yourself eliminates the possibility of DMCA.Pro accidentally taking down content/images that came from your legitimate profile.
When you see an impersonating account…

  • You can only collect/submit link(s) that are your content/images/videos,etc.
  • DO NOT submit the entire profile page as there may be other content on that page that is likely NOT yours, therefore we cannot remove it. You must submit only the infringing posts or pages that contain only your infringing content.
  • Make sure the image or content URLs are not ones from your own legitimate social media pages. You can check this by collecting the content URLs from your actual page and compare them to ones from the impersonating page. If they are the same URL, you do not want to submit those URLs, only submit the page or posts they are on.
If you sell a physical product and want to take down counterfeit e-commerce listings using DMCA Pro, we can only pursue the image URL if it is an exact match to your marketing image. The DMCA law is for protecting copyright of digital assets only. Therefore, we can only pursue illegal use of specific digitized marketing images and videos that have been scraped from your website. People have the right to sell a used physical item that they own. A seller using a snapshot photo of your physical product in an e-commerce listing (such as Ebay) is fair use and is NOT considered copyright infringement.

We cannot pursue:

  • E-commerce listings
  • Snapshot images of the product or it’s label

One or more of the following requirements will apply to clients in these cases:

  • Provide us copies and source URLs of all images to be protected.
  • You will review and approve all links we find.  In some cases, we may require you to find and submit links yourself for further processing.
  • A custom DMCA notice identifying you as the sender of the notice and to include a link to your affiliate TOS / reseller terms and conditions and your contact information or your attorney’s contact information.
  • We may ask you to handle replies from sites we send notices to. We cannot and will not enforce your TOS with your affiliates if they are selling on e-commerce sites that you do not approve of.
  • A list of all e-commerce sites where you or your affiliates sell your product.

Reporting images to e-commerce stores comes with a danger that the store may take down ALL listings & images from your channel and the channels of your authorized sellers/affiliates as well. is known to behave this way. In these cases, you will need to open an Amazon account and fill out the Amazon abuse form under your Amazon account.
Any e-commerce stores, where you or your affiliates sell this product, must be safe-listed in the DMCA Pro system. This means the system will not allow these links to be added into our system for processing.
IMPORTANT: Even if you believe a listing is selling a counterfeit of your product, we can only pursue the image URL, if it contains an exact match image. In those cases where you believe a seller is counterfeiting using a different image, we cannot pursue them, therefore we can refer you to an IP attorney if needed.

DMCA Pro is a full service DMCA take down service. This means we take care of the entire process so there is nothing for you to do. However, occasionally we may contact you. For example,

  • a link is in question and we need you to verify that it is infringing. Links that need your attention will have the link status of ‘Client Review’ in your client dashboard.
  • a site is claiming to be a legitimate affiliate of yours but is not on your “safe” list.
  • to recommend a change in service if we see piracy has decreased or increased on your product
  • We received a counter DMCA notice and need more information on how the link(s) are infringing.
  • The site claims to have removed the infringing content, but your log in/password is required to check
Reviews are fair use under copyright law, so they are allowed and we cannot pursue them.
  • CLICK HERE to log in to your DMCA Pro Client Dashboard.
  • Click to the Activity Screen
  • Set the filter to ‘Client Review’
  • Click each link and decide if it is piracy or not.
  • If the link is OK / not infringing, set the status = Ignore. If the link is infringing, set the status = Processing.


Yes. We search regularly starting with a once-a-week scan schedule. If we see a large portion of new pirated material, we will increase the frequency of scans. There is no additional charge for this.
And we do much more than just search and collect piracy links. CLICK HERE.
A DMCA Pro badge is a small image that you add to your website. A badge on your site shows your commitment to fighting piracy and can prevent pirates from stealing your content. It is quick and easy to add a badge to your site. Get your badge at:
Contact us and let us know. An admin can make the changes for you. We may ask you to fill out a form telling us details about any new products.
Contact us and let us know. An admin can make the changes for you.
Contact us and let us know. An admin can make the changes for you. There are no contracts so you can make changes anytime without penalty.