Do not ignore your notice.

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DMCA Pro Inc. provides anti-piracy and intellectual property protection services for copyright holders who have authorized us to act on their behalf to resolve these types of matters. We have an excellent track record at not only getting sites removed from their host and the site owner blacklisted, but also seeking damages on behalf of our clients for loss of earnings.

Your website or service appears to be enabling the illegal piracy of our client’s products or content. The notice you received is a legal demand to remove or disable the web page link URLs specified in the notice.

No, that is not our intention. We have no issues with you personally. Nor do we care about your web site business model. But we can’t have you enabling piracy of our client’s products. To be clear, we don’t care about you pirating other people’s material, just that which belongs to our client. All you need to do is remove all links to our client’s product and you can continue on as you were before without any problems.

If you choose to ignore and not comply,

  • A take down demand will be escalated to your host (and their service providers) and you risk your WHOLE SITE being taken down.
  • Your site’s payment processor and advertising networks will be notified and you risk being PERMANENTLY BLOCKED for violating their Acceptable Usage Policy.
  • You risk further legal action taken against you. The publisher of the content can seek damages and attorney fees from you. By ignoring this request, you forfeit your safe harbor protections should we ever need to take this to court.
  • We will report links to Google and other search engines to have you delisted.

We’re not going away just because you ignored the notice. We hope you will do the sensible thing here and simply remove all posts connected to our client’s content.

Yes. If you choose to ignore this request, we will escalate this demand to your host and their service providers. You risk your WHOLE SITE being taken down. (If you are using a proxy like Cloudflare, it won’t keep you hidden. They will reveal your host to us.) Website hosts typically enforce a 3-strike rule. This means if you have accumulated piracy complaints in the past, they are likely to kick you off their service.

Immediately remove the listed URLs from your website, delete the post(s) and refrain from reselling our client’s product(s) in the future. There is nothing else for you to do.

We will revisit your website in a few days to check. After we see you have taken down any and all piracy links to our client’s content, no further action will be taken.

No, we will notify you again only if the link URLs in question are not taken down and you have not complied.

Please provide any details that we can use to verify that you are an authorized affiliate of the publisher.
If you received the take down notice by email, simply reply to that email. Otherwise, collect the notice ID appearing in the subject line of the take down notice. For example
DMCA Takedown/Copyright Infringement Notice 275-171-30807-83215. Then email us at [email protected] or call 352-440-6303 (United States).
A representative from DMCA Pro or the publisher will contact you.

Your site may have been hacked and is being used to distribute pirated content. Although we can sympathize, ignorance is not a defense in this case and you still must comply with the take down notice or risk site closure from your hosting company.
After taking down the pages on the notice, you should change all admin passwords to your site.

Whether you are directly profiting or not. Or you are trying to boost your traffic. This is still piracy.

Call 352-440-6303 (United States). Please be prepared to provide:

  • your notice ID. This appears in the subject line of the take down notice. For example
    DMCA Takedown/Copyright Infringement Notice 275-171-30807-83215.
  • your name
  • your email address